The new DRUMnBASE VEGAN COW drum / stage mats are are one of a kind if it comes to shape, looks, presentation and performance. And do not let them fool you, they are VEGAN! With their 1.5mm FLEXGRIP anti-slip rubber backing - they perform the way you need;

  • going flat fast and easily - and stay flat!
  • giving the ultimate foundation, non slipping
  • light weight - easy travelling

The top of 4mm thick is made of polyamide velours, giving grip and durability. Furthermore is the top easy to clean from drumstick wood chips and UV and waterproof. So cleaning with water and soap is no problem.

Vegan Clara

Size: 185x160cm

Vegan Betsy

Size: 185x160cm

Why DnB Vegan Cow drum stage mat;

  • RIGID with a capital R
  • 1.5mm anti-slip FLEXGRIP rubber backing
  • Stays flat, no curling up!
  • Reducing vibrations!
  • 4mm strong & durable velour top (easy to clean)
  • Giving the right vibe
  • Made in Belgium & EU Certified